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Say goodbye to awkward moments and missed opportunities to tell people about Jesus.

iEvangelize provides you with AI-tailored conversation starters and evangelism tips for preaching the Gospel naturally and confidently.

Conversation Starters

Never Fall Short of Words

Whether you're talking to a stranger or a friend, iEvangelize provides tailored conversation starters to help you share your faith effortlessly.

Audio Guides

Learn the Essentials of Evangelism

Gain foundational understanding of the Gospel and evangelism with our audio guides, equipping you to confidently start telling people about Jesus, today!


Capture Life-Changing Moments

Keep track of the people you’ve shared your faith with for follow-up and discipleship, because nurturing new believers is crucial.

Safety and Accuracy

Biblically Sound Evangelism

While AI isn't flawless, we are dedicated to delivering the best possible results. Our mission is to ensure that every conversation starter and evangelism tip is biblically sound and aligned with the Great Commission: to make disciples of all nations.

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"What iEvangelize is trying to help us do is Christians have a responsibility to build bridges from culture to Christ."

Who can use iEvangelize?

Any Christian wanting to
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